Foodmax Grease Inor 3H

Inorganic grease for direct food contact

This grease is designed as a wide temperature non toxic grease, containing anti-wear and other additives. Foodmax Grease Inor 3H is suitable for all plain and anti-friction bearings as well as sliding surfaces.


This product is designed for use as a release agent (3H) on grills, ovens, loaf pans, boning benches, chopping boards, or other hard surfaces in contact with meat and poultry food products to prevent food from adhering during processing.

The main applications are hand tools and cutters used in the meat processing industry. These tools are usually being lubricated with an H-1 approved grease based on aluminium complex or inorganic thickeners, due to the difficult circumstances high drop out in production is experienced. Foodmax Grease Inor 3H will increase the production output instantly.

Also suitable for the lubrication of slider bearings and roller bearings (with limitations)