Foodmax Grease SI

Food grade silicone grease


Foodmax Grease SI is a range of adherent silicone based greases for the lubrication of valves and taps, available in different grades for several applications.

Foodmax Grease SI 000

  • Designed to provide perfect sealing and smooth operation in mono drive taps
  • Long life grease
  • Insoluble in water
  • Increases lifetime of ceramic parts
  • Meets Water Byelaws Scheme BS-6920
  • Suitable for application through centralized lubrication
  • Contains PTFE

Foodmax Grease SI 0, 00, 1

  • Designed to lubricate threads in universal taps
  • High lubricating capacity
  • Excellent sealing capacity
  • Suitable for application through centralized lubrication

Foodmax Grease SI 2, 3

  • Designed to lubricate and seal upper ball joints of taps
  • Excellent chemical-thermal resistance
  • Contains PTFE
  • Approved by Krupp Cranes for telescopic boom lubrication
  • Approved by TZW Germany for direct contact with drinking water