Foodmax Basic

Lubricating white paraffin oil


Paraffin food grade oil for general lubrication purposes. Can be used in the authorized industrial operations wherever there is the possibility of food contact. Foodmax Basic can be used as a general lubricant in various applications in the food processing industry. The product gives excellent results as general lubricant in the textile, knitwear, food and beverage industry. It generally can be used whenever very high cleanliness levels are requested or in environments that require regular cleaning with water. Also suitable as base oil for food grade lubricants and greases.

Foodmax Basic will perform well as dough divider oil and as a lubricant for cutters, knives, conveyors and rollers in packaging equipment. Also suitable for use as anti corrosive for food processing machines.

Foodmax Basic is NSF H-1, 3-H and HX-1approved. 3-H approval is required in bakeries for the lubrication of dough cutting equipment (full contact) according to HACCP advice.


  • Oil and grease manufacturers
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Textile industry
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Breweries and bottlers
  • Animal feed factories