Ecomax XESE

Biodegradable stern tube lubricant

Ecomax XESE is high performance emulsifying biodegradable fluid for marine stern tubes and stabilisers bearings that meets Vessel General Permit (VGP). Ecomax XESE is formulated from saturated synthetic esters and ashless additives to provide maximum lubrication, effective protection over a wide range of conditions, low temperature pumpability due to its high viscosity index and good ability to withstand oxidation at high temperatures.


Marine stern tube system, fin stabilizers and CPP (Controllable Pitch propellers) where spills or leakage could occur. Also suitable in systems where readily biodegradable or environmentally friendly fluids are required. Some elastomers maybe not suitable to use with esters, please consult seals compatibility before using Ecomax XESE. Ecomax XESE is compatible with mineral oils however to ensure environmental properties the system should be drained and flushed when changing fluids.